Water Analysis

With the help of a unique chemical library listing more than 850 molecules likely to end up in the water, Profilomic is leading the way in exploring the diversity of emerging pollutants. Thus pesticides, drugs, drugs, endocrine disruptors, metabolites of pesticides and drugs are systematically investigated in the analyzed samples.

Relative or absolute quantification of the analytes contained in the environmental samples can be performed on demand. The sample sending procedure is as follows:

A kit containing all the material necessary for the water sampling is sent to you:

     => Collection flasks, 50mL are sufficient to carry out the analysis.

     => Gloves, parafilm, identification labels of samples.

     => Information sheet, detailing the procedure to be followed to carry out the sampling (s).

     => Directed temperature reference box (sample(s) to be returned between +2°C and +8°C).

If you do not wish to take samples yourself, please inform us during our exchanges at info@profilomic.fr. We will send you our sampling teams.