Emerging pollutants have a great diversity of structures and therefore offer very wide chemical properties. Moreover, once in the environment, these compounds can be subjected to biological processes (microbial metabolisms) or physico-chemical (photo-oxidation, fragmentation, adduct bindings ...) very often leading to an even greater diversification of their chemical structures. In many cases, the biological and physicochemical processes involved are only partially understood or totally unknown. The direct consequence of this deficiency is that we have only a very partial vision of the enormous diversity of pollutants present in our environment.

Based on a unique and fully automated system coupling solid phase extraction - high performance liquid chromatography - and high resolution mass spectrometry, Profilomic has taken advantage of the latest technological advances in the field of analytical chemistry and offers today in routine results of a very great precision and sensitivity (up to 0,005 micrograms per liter!). Unlike the usual tests that require high volumes (up to 2 liters of water for each sample), 50 ml of water is enough for Profilomic.

Profilomic's analytical methods meet the most stringent quality control requirements and provide optimal conditions for the detection and quantification of more than 850 compounds in your water samples.

Our company offers targeted or global analytical services that are described in detail below:

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